The biggest name to have risen from Bangladeshi cricket spheres is without a doubt Shakib Al Hasan. Blucheez Outfitters has announced the master all-rounder cricket star of the country as their Brand Ambassador. It has been said that Shakib will work very closely with Blucheez Outfitters to inspire and positively reinforce that anyone can be stylishly and comfortably themselves - as per Blucheez’s brand motto - “Comfortably You!” On the occasion, Founder of Blucheez Outfitters, Dr. Engr. MD. Kamruzzaman said “We could not have been more thrilled to have a national and international icon onboard with us as our brand’s spokesperson. He has proved repeatedly why he is the best at what he does. We feel that it is exactly that winning attitude which inspires others to always be the best version of themselves.” Upon becoming the Brand Ambassador for Blucheez Outfitters, Shakib Al Hasan has said, “I am very pleased to be associated with Blucheez Outfitters. I believe that Blucheez is making a great contribution to the fashion industry in Bangladesh. I also believe that the brand follows an international standard, inspires and stays true to itself.”