In a landmark collaboration, leading apparel and fashion brand Blucheez signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the prestigious Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX). This exciting partnership signifies a significant reorganization of the university's Textile Fashion and Design (TFD) department, marked by a grand inauguration ceremony held on March 5th at Bangabandhu Bhaban on the BUTEX campus.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of distinguished guests, including Blucheez founder Md. Kamruzzaman and co-founder Simeen Zaman. BUTEX was represented by the honorable Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Shah Alimuzzaman, and esteemed faculty members.

A Day of Celebration and Interactive Engagement

The inauguration ceremony celebrated the successful collaboration between Blucheez and BUTEX. To mark this momentous occasion, Blucheez organized a day-long interactive event featuring a golf gaming stall with exciting winning prizes. This engaging activity fostered a vibrant atmosphere and allowed students to connect with representatives from both institutions. Additionally, the forthcoming Eid Collection by Blucheez was presented promptly to highlight the range of comfortable products crafted by the brand.
The reorganized TFD department at BUTEX was inaugurated amidst a celebratory atmosphere. The adorned walls featuring captivating displays provided an inspirational backdrop, showcasing insights into fashion, tradition, and emerging trends, thus fostering an environment conducive to student creativity. Noteworthy was the active participation of students in the department's reorganization, contributing significantly to the enriched learning experience. Distinguished guests, including Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Shah Alimuzzaman, and esteemed faculty members graced the occasion, expressing satisfaction with the successful execution and extending gratitude for the collaborative efforts involved. The shared sense of jubilation among faculty and students alike underscored the collective excitement for the promising future of the TFD department.


Investing in the Future of Fashion

Expressing his enthusiasm about the partnership, Dr Md. Kamruzzaman stated, "This collaboration is a resounding success, and we are overwhelmed to be a part of this ceremony. This initiative will profoundly benefit the students, equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in the fashion industry."

Simeen Zaman, co-founder of Blucheez, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the company's delight in collaborating with BUTEX. This partnership promises to bridge the gap between academics and industry, fostering a dynamic environment that nurtures future fashion leaders.

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