If you asked most of the men what they would buy for the upcoming EID-UL-Fitre, you would find almost the same answers from most of them. Yes, that is Panjabi! Panjabi is truly a classy garment that exudes sophistication, elegance, and cultural heritage. The outfit perfectly balances embracing tradition and keeping up with the latest trends. A perfect choice for anyone looking to make a statement on any occasion. 


For the upcoming EID-Ul-Fitr, Blucheez, one of the top apparel brands in Bangladesh, has taken inspiration from the rich cultural heritage to create a collection of Panjabi outfits that combine traditional elements with modern style. Blucheez men’s Panjabi collections are segregated into different sections: essential Panjabi, elegant Panjabi and exclusive Panjabi and Kabli, which will be discussed in this article.


Essential Panjabi

Blucheez essential Panjabi is characterized by its flowing, comfortable design, which allows for ease of movement and ventilation. Most of the Panjabis are crafted from fine cotton or viscose, which has softness, better color retention and excellent breathability properties. The color palette for essential Panjabi includes both bold and pastel hues. If you are looking for a cut and sew pattern Panjabi this upcoming Eid, then Blucheez essential Panjabi collection is your best option! Different styles of cut & sew patterns are available here. You can also discover a clean, soothing and refined impression on our solid pastel-shaded Panjabi, including the white ones. Some Panjabis are devised from Jacquard loom to create different types of textures. Simple yet exquisite embroidery is also an addition to this panjabi section. Loose-fitting design, made from lightweight and breathable materials, is both comfortable and practical, while its intricate embroidery, cut & sew pattern are an actual work of art.


Elegant Panjabi

Our collection of Blucheez elegant Panjabi boasts a range of designs. All designs feature simplicity with elegance. The elegant Panjabi collection uniquely blends tradition and style, making them a must-have for every wardrobe. Refined embellishment and sophisticated craftmanship create a celestial statement that is portrayed in these Panjabis. Blucheez elegant Panjabis range with different types of fabrics, like all-over, printed, and solid dyed with plain and different textures. The popular Damask patterned fabrics can be seen in our cut and sew designed Panjabis. Non-iron finished Panjabi is another popular edition in our collection. The elegant collection comprises minimalistic, impeccable designs crafted from fine materials.


Exclusive Panjabi & Kabli

One of the most notable features of Blucheez exclusive Panjabi is its intricate embroidery, and sophisticated zardozi work, which often covers the collar, placket, and hemline. The refined work is made from a variety of materials, including thread, sequins, and beads, and is often done in vibrant colors that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Bangladesh. Panjabis are available in a wide range of styles, from more traditional interpretations to designer collections. An extensive range of color shades is rendered in our exclusive Panjabi collection. Both regular fit and slim fit is available. All exclusive Panjabi features lightweight fabrics like cotton or viscose, a perfect fabric composition for hot and humid weather. They are also incorporated into luxurious fabrics like silk, the finest cotton fabrics, and blended fabric, which are often used for various occasions like religious festivals, weddings, formal events, and casual gatherings. Blucheez waistcoats can be layered over the Panjabi as it adds a touch of sophistication to the outfit with their intricate design and exquisite detailing.


 Another popular edition in the Blucheez attire collection is Kabli. Kabli shirt is made from light and breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen, which make them comfortable to wear even in hot and humid weather. Blucheez Kablis are loosely fitted, making them ideal for movement and flexibility. The shirt features intricate embroidery or embellishments on either collar or placket or even both, which adds to its overall elegance. A Monochromatic Kabli shirt with flap pockets on the chest is also available on our website. Some Kabli is paired with loose-fitted pants or trousers. The Kabli set is perfect for men who want to showcase their cultural heritage while maintaining a contemporary and trendy style. 


Blucheez Panjabi collection for men offers a unique and sophisticated style that celebrates the rich cultural heritage. Blucheez commits to showcasing the beauty and versatility of Panjabi outfits for men, inspiring them everywhere to embrace this unique and stylish fashion.